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About Us

Welcome to Paratus Partners Kenya, where innovation meets expertise, and excellence is our standard. We are a forward-thinking ICT consultancy firm nestled in the vibrant heart of Kenya, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.

With a diverse team of consultants hailing from various fields, we amalgamate interdisciplinary prowess and industry best practices to propel our clients towards unparalleled success. With a collective experience spanning hundreds of years, we stand as a beacon of reliability, proficiency, and unwavering commitment to our clients' success.

Why Choose Us


At Paratus Partners Kenya, we bring together a team of highly skilled consultants from diverse fields, each with extensive experience and specialized knowledge. This interdisciplinary prowess ensures that we deliver holistic and innovative solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is not just a standard but a way of life at Paratus Partners Kenya. We are committed to providing top-tier ICT consultancy services that drive your business forward. Our dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards ensures that you receive the best possible outcomes for your ICT investments.


Proven Track Record:

With hundreds of years of collective experience, Paratus Partners Kenya stands as a trusted beacon of reliability and proficiency. Our extensive history of successful projects and satisfied clients speaks volumes about our ability to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.

Client-Centric Approach

We place our clients at the heart of everything we do. Our unwavering commitment to your success means we work closely with you, understanding your goals and challenges, to craft bespoke solutions that empower your business to thrive in the digital age. Your success is our mission.

Our Services

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PPKL is in the practice of harnessing the information you need to offer a greater customer value and create new business opportunities. We offer various IT consultancies in Cyber security, IT Infrastructure Assurances and Audits and tailor made on demand expert services to fit clients’ needs.

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Software Systems Development

It takes high-level technical knowledge and organized, experienced development teams to deliver state of the art software systems. PPKL offers just that to deliver the software that you shall need to drive your organizational needs.

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System Integrations

System integration is about adding value to the system, capabilities that are possible because of interactions between subsystems.

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  • Planning, budgeting, projecting monitoring and evaluation and public participation system
  • Asset management system
  • Staff performance contracting and appraisal management system
  • Procurement management system
  • Stores management system
  • Recruitment and HR management systems

Your Digital Transformation Experts

Unlock the power of technology with Paratus Partners Kenya Ltd. From bespoke software solutions to strategic consulting services, we're here to propel your business into the digital age. Let's innovate together.